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    Are you thinking about or have already written a book and don’t know how to publish it? Tried to submit but received only rejection letters from publishers and agents? Sacred Life Publishers can get your book published and available for sale within three months.
    Sacred Life Publishers specializes in the following topics: self-help, healing/health, living well, spirituality, oneness, peace, metaphysics, autobiography, memoirs, end-of-life issues, hospice, death/dying, native/ancient wisdom, universal truths, etc. If your book fits any of these categories let us take a look and offer ways to help you.


Ten reasons to publish with Sacred Life Publishers:


  1. You keep the rights to your book.
  2. You keep the profits.
  3. You retain control of formatting and cover.
  4. Your book is printed and in your hands in about three months.
  5. Your book will be printed under Sacred Life Publishers and our logo.
  6. You have easy access to our helpful and friendly advisors.
  7. Your book may be promoted in up to twenty thousand bookstores across the United States, Europe, Great Britain, and Australia, through the Ingram Advance Catalog, and available for distribution and sale through Ingram and Baker & Taylor.
  8. We have lower set-up and printing costs.
  9. We do not require a minimum order of books.
  10. We are affiliated with Ingram, the largest book distributor in the world.

What Sacred Life Publishers offers you . . .

➢ Coaching, suggestions, tips, and hints
➢ Copy editing of content
➢ Formatting
➢ Cover design to enhance the message
➢ Suggestions for procuring endorsements
➢ Acquiring your ISBN number
➢ Acquiring your bar code
➢ Acquiring your Library of Congress number
➢ Acquiring your Copyright number
➢ Printing your book to the size you desire
➢ Setting up for e-book, paperback, or hardcopy

Are you ready to get published?

Contact us to get started, and let us review your manuscript for publishing consideration.


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