YEAH! I’m excited! While shopping at Barnes & Noble, in the self-help section, all of a sudden I saw eight copies of Judy Winkler’s book, 8 Steps to Freedom on the shelf. Judy, I’m so happy for you.

Judy’s vision is to have 8 Steps to Freedom + Answers to Life’s Toughest Questions in every prison throughout the United States. If you’d like to purchase (wholesale $8.88 each) copy of 8 Steps to Freedom and have it donated to a prison near you, or near Judy, please visit her website to make arrangements. 

Judy’s book is already in some of the prisons and she’s teaching classess to the prisoners, using the tools in her book. When you visit her website you’ll be able to read some of the positive results the prisoners have received from Judy’s work.  She is making a profound difference!





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