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About the Sacred Life Authors

Meet Some of Sacred Life Publishers Authors . . .

Charlie and Linda Bloom

Linda Bloom, LCSW, and Charlie Bloom, MSW, have been assisting individuals, couples, and organizations in the process of enhancing the quality of their relationships since 1975. The founders and co-directors of Bloomwork, they have lectured and taught seminars on relationships since 1986 to thousands of people throughout the United States and in many other countries.

The Blooms are regular presenters at the Esalen Institute, the Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, 1440 Multiversity, and Rancho La Puerta. They have also served as adjunct faculty members and lecturers at the California Institute of Integral Studies, the Institute of Imaginal Studies, the California School of Professional Psychologyu the University of California Berkeley Extension Program, Antioch University, the Omega Institute, John F. Kennedy University, and many other institutions of higher learning. They are bloggers for several online journals, including the Huffington Post, Psychology Today, Psych CentralBlogger.com, Tumblr, GuideDoc, and OMTimes.

Charlie and Linda have been married since 1972. They live in Northern California. They are the parents of two grown children, Jesse and Sarah, and grandparents of Devin, Ashton, and Seth.

Contact information and much more about Charlie and Linda and their work is available on their website, www.bloomwork.com.

Susan Clevenger

Employee/Owner and Director of National Recruiting, Susan has a zest for life and loves going the extra mile for her clients and candidates. She is curious by nature and will dig deep to explore anything below the surface. No stone will be left unturned when you meet with Susan. She has been referred to as a ‘People Whisperer’due to her gentle nature of creating a comfortable environment where people can be transparent without judgement. Her interview style is conversational getting to know the uniqueness of every individual. These skilled interviews have contributed to her success as a gifted story teller.

Jacki Gethner

Jacki Gethner (LMT, CADC1) is a renowned international health advocate, activist and educator. In 1987, she launched her practice, Regenerative Therapies, focusing on massage and bodywork as well as consulting and educating through conferences and retreats. Jacki has a specialty in the field of HIV/AIDS where she has worked in collaboration with many civic and government agencies, health educators, faith-based organizations and pharmaceutical companies. She is recognized as a pioneer and seasoned healer in prevention and self-care of  Regenerative Therapies and WOACA (a 501c3) please see her site: www.jackigethner.com. Jacki is the author of Behind Door #3: Choose with Your Eyes Wide Open. Exciting News! Jacki’s book was reviewed in the March 2014 issue of POZ Magazine. To read the review please go to http://www.poz.com/articles/wonder_women_planet_2826_25155.shtml.

Carol Klink

Carol Eve (Wollangk) Klink was born the third of five children in the small town of Omro, Wisconsin. She graduated from Kaukauna High School in 1960 and attended the University of Wisconsin from l964 through l967 with a major in Related Art, Interior Design. In 1968 she married Johannes W. Klink from Emmelord, Holland, and they resided in Manhattan, Kansas, for six months before he accepted a position with Standard Fruit Company (now Dole Foods Company) in Costa Rica. They spent the next 30 years living abroad in various countries and, since retiring in l998, they have lived in Las Vegas, Nevada. Carol is the author of A Good Company Wife: My Stories from the Third Word.

Rache aj l 1inch 300dpi-2 2Rachel Leah

Rachel Leah is a Certified Nurses Assistant, ARC, and has been certified in Gerontology. Rachel lives on the beautiful New Hampshire seacoast in an apartment she calls “The Lighthouse once a hospital solarium where individuals healed or transitioned from the physical. In Rachel’s free time she enjoys being out in nature, watching her grandchildren grow, sharing time with friends and discovering new paradigms. You can contact Rachel through her web site: www.center-now.com or you can e-mail her at:  journey@center-now.com.

sue-love-book-picSue Love 

Sue Love is a native Californian born in the San Francisco Bay Area, where she currently resides. Rising out of a lifetime of struggle, she now lives a powerful, joyful life filled with love for her two beautiful daughters, her family, and amazing friends.  In addition to being a writer, she is a singer and an inspirational speaker. Years ago, a friend told Sue, as she was in the midst of a difficult struggle, that she would come out of the struggle, and some day would be able to help someone else going through a similar situation. She held onto that encouragement as an inspiration for her life. Her passion is to share her life story to inspire others to know their strength and the power they possess to rise out of their pain and to create an amazing life for themselves.

Sue Love is the author of The Tunnel: Stepping Into Freedom and I Am Enough: My Healing Journey with My Mom

Christina Lufkin

Christina Lufkin is a Certified Reiki Master/Teacher of the Usui tradition and a Spiritual Life Coach/Teacher. She has also been a Hospice Volunteer since 1994, focusing on patient and family support. Divinely guiding clients to assist them in healing, discovering their life purpose or teaching students to tap into their intuition is Christina’s passion. She is honored to be present as others transform their lives. Also, sitting with a patient during their final stage of life is where she receives the biggest reward. Christina lives with her husband, Dave, and their dog Sadie, in Puyallup, Washington. Christina is the author of Live with Purpose: Die with Dignity. To learn more about her, please visit her website www.christinalufkin.weebly.com.

meSharon Lund, DD and Friends

Sharon Lund was Divinely Guided to collect various sacred animal stories for Our Sacred Loving Companions book as a fund-raiser. All proceeds will go to www.SacredLivingSacredDying.org and www.DoorwayIntoLight.org, and various animal organizations. The 64 stories (including a few poems) came from people across the country. These contributions come from animal lovers, guardians of the animals/owners, therapy and service handlers, veterinarians, and advocates for animals; and in a few, the animals share their own experiences. Most of the animals in the stories were rescued.

Tobi Pavlas

Tobi Pavlas lives in San Diego, California. She is a writer who is passionate about helping others. She has been empowered to write this book to inspire children, who like her, have been born with a unique gift.

A portion of the book profits will be donated to differently abled children.

Mike and Trisha

Trisha Michael and Mike Russell

Trisha Michael has lived in Oregon for the past twenty years. She made her journey to the West Coast from Upstate New York to finish her premed degree and become a healer. Her life changed instantly when an Angel appeared that set her on a course of studying different modalities within the healing arts. Over the years, she has become a Reiki master and Angelic Spiritual Coach. Trisha has been inspired by Archangel Raphael to take his lessons into the community through special sessions of profound communication and thoughtful reflection. She is a gifted energy practitioner with many other related skills. She continues to reflect to all that “Love Is Enough” and strives to bring peace and understanding to all her clients. In the spring of 2010, Archangel Raphael decided that the time was right to encourage Trisha to participate more fully in a relationship that would involve channeling his messages. He came as a result of her partnership with Mike, which allowed them to participate together in a project of spreading his main message that “Love Is Enough.” This partnership A Journey of Discovery through Intuition and with Help from the Angeles 88 has developed into not only a healing business but also the spreading of Archangel Raphael’s message through various means of communication in print and video. Thanks to Archangel Raphael’s connection and encouragement, the T Michael Healing Arts Clinic continues to expand and grow through its participating healers and special events. Trisha’s connection to Archangel Raphael continues to strengthen and grow in love with the intention that through his helpful messages, all are informed, and feel his special energy. Mike Russell grew up knowing that there was more to the world than what he was noticing through his physical senses, but he had no way to understand those things that were considered to be out of the ordinary in a 1960s world. With his father serving in the US Air Force, he and his family moved every three years to a different part of the world, opening his eyes to the smallness of this planet while at the same time learning from his English mother that ghosts do exist and it was okay to talk about spiritual matters. It wasn’t until years later as he developed his interest in all things related to Spirit and the death of his wife, that he was plunged head first into the deep waters of intuition. Through Spirits encouragement, he joined forces to write a book with Trisha about her expansive knowledge and created a wonderful and loving partnership with the help of Archangel Raphael. Intuition has played an important role in his life but now with this foundation created through partnership, Mike now has a platform to pursue and offer this information to all those that are interested, and as it meets the tender and funny way that he is referred to by Archangel Raphael as the “newspaper delivery boy,” he feels honored to take this mantle on and is proud to be able to get the word out.

Karl J. Morgan

Karl J. Morgan grew up fascinated by science fiction, beginning with Victor Appleton’s Tom Swift novels that he read as a young boy. Later, he became enthralled with the works of his favorite author, Isaac Asimov, especially his Foundation series. Those early experiences inspired his life-long love of science fiction and interest in hard science, focusing first on astronomy and later cosmology and quantum mechanics. Karl had the great honor to take his first astronomy course at the University of Iowa from the legendary scientist, Dr. James Van Allen.  More recently, the brilliant works of Drs. Stephen Hawking, Brian Greene, and Michio Kaku helped him understand that our physical universe is still a magical and mysterious place. It is that sense of magic and mystery that brings Karl to write about his alter ego, Dave Brewster, an unemployed accountant who finds himself a thousand years in the future with new friends and adventures far beyond anything he could have imagined.  There, he can find answers to questions that befuddle mankind today. The truth he finds is no different from what we know today. Life is always about loving and caring for our family and friends. Karl lives in San Diego with his wife, Aida and their beloved puppies. Their two grown children have fled the nest and started their own adventures in life. Karl is the author of seven books – Remembrances Choose to Be Happy and Embrace the Possibilities and six sci-fi books: The Dave Brewster Series: Showdown Over Neptune; The Second Predaxian War; The Hive; and Tears of Gallia. He also the author of Heartstone: The Sentinels of the Far Sun and Heartstone: The Time Walker. You may contact Karl through the following: www.karlmorgan. com and www.facebook.com/karlmorganauthor.

Claudia 5

Claudia Mulcahy

Claudia Mulcahy’s passion is teaching, demonstrating and inspiring people to live at higher levels of consciousness. She embraces universal spiritual new thought concepts, and holds a ministerial license with Emerson New Thought Center, Church Without Walls. Claudia is a native of San Diego, California. She lives her life in gratitude and loves to spend time in positive environments, nature and traveling. She also enjoys time spent with her parents, and other loved ones. Claudia is thriving, and living every day to the fullest.

Unfortunately, Claudia died from cancer. Her book is no longer available through Sacred Life Publishers.

Petra Gerda Paul

Petra Gerda Paul came into this lifetime 2 months after her father was killed in WWll.  Even as a child she contemplated often about life and death.  As a teenager her chosen verse from the Bible was, “Lord, teach us to understand that we must die, so we become wise.” Her life was dedicated to service. As a youngster she worked in an orphanage and hospitals.  After graduating as a medical nurse in Germany she worked as head nurse of Obstetrics in Aachen, then at the Surgical University Clinic Tuebingen, as staff nurse on the Neurosurgical Unit. In 1965 she went on the great adventure of immigrating into the United States.  After two years on the east coast she crossed the country to San Francisco, where she encountered her first metaphysical experiences by studying Christian Science. She met her first husband, the father of her son, Daniel, in San Francisco.  She opened her home to Foster Children for several years.  One of her foster daughters, Elizabeth, is still very close to her.  They have been a great support to each other over the years. When the children got involved with swim teams, she also joined an adult team, to overcome the limited belief of being a total flop in sports.  She developed as a long distance swimmer and swam the length of the Golden Gate Bridge.  When she participated in a Lake Tahoe crossing, she had to give up after 7 hours of swimming, because of poor navigation. Her interest in books about near death experiences as well as writings of inspirational writers, opened her thought to higher consciousness and brought her into universal explorations of spirituality. Whatever wisdom inspires, will bless and lift the human family into the consciousness of Love.

Screenshot 2015-07-10 13.33.42Father Paul Roberts 

Father Paul Roberts is a man of diversity: minister, psychotherapist, educator, pilot, bicyclist, artist, actor, singer, stargazer, and avid animal lover. He spends his time with his faithful canine companion— experiencing, interacting with and reflecting upon the wonders of creation. He makes his home in the picturesque and enchanting foothills of the mountains with his Princess of nine years, writing of their fascinating adventures together. Grateful for the opportunity. If you would like to contact Father Paul Roberts, click here to send him a message.

Lori S. Rubenstein

Lori S. Rubenstein, JD, CPC spent 18 years as a divorce attorney-mediator and will tell you she quickly ascertained that the court system is not a healthy environment for families. Her passion for helping others led her down the path of relationship and divorce coaching, where she realized Forgiveness was the cornerstone of all her work. As a Forgiveness Teacher, Coach, Author and Inspirational Speaker, you will find Lori walks her talk. As a guide and teacher, Lori carries with her the torch of practicality as well as the spiritual aspects of forgiveness, acceptance and compassion. Her primary mission is to help people heal from the hurts caused by relationships or as Lori calls them, “spiritual partnerships.” Lori’s unique perspective on painful life experiences is enlightening and refreshing. She helps people see that what they call “tragedy” can in fact, be the soul’s greatest gift. For people who would like to work more intensively with their own spiritual growth process, Lori created a 28 day Forgiveness E-mail Class and a 10 CD and Workbook set called “I am Petrified to Date Again” Dating Package. Lori was also the host of Journeys from the Heart . . . Embracing the Path Back to Love, an internet talk radio show on Sedona Talk Radio. In 2007, she was honored by the National Association of Women Business Owners with an Entrepreneurial Excellence Award as a Trailblazer in her field. You may view a video of Lori speaking about Forgiving the Unforgivable on You Tube: http://youtu.be/KUEMc8vZcT8. Lori is the author of three transformative books: Forgiveness: Heal Your Past and Find the Peace YOU Deserve, Transcending Divorce: A Guide for Personal Growth and Transformation, and Freedom from Abuse: Finding Yourself Again

Ralphs headshot

Ralph Steele

Ralph Steele, M.A., has degrees in Religious Studies (with Board Honors) and Humanistic Psychology and is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. He is the founder and director of Life Transition Therapy, Inc., which is a meditation-based, multi-disciplinary trauma healing center. He is the founder and guiding teacher of Life Transition Meditation Center based in Santa Fe, where he teaches Sunlun Meditation and other intensive meditation practices. He also works internationally as a consultant in stress management.

Ralph practiced as an ordained monk in the monasteries of Myanmar and Thailand. He has taught meditation retreats since 1987. In 1986, Ralph founded the first Elisabeth Kugler-Ross Hospice Program (an Associated Degree) at Northern New Mexico College in El Rito. He was instrumental in establishing People of Color Retreats at Spirit Rock Meditation Center in Woodacre, California, and the Insight Meditation Society in Barre, Massachusetts.

Ralph and his life partner, Sabine, have been together for over twenty-eight years. He proudly provides moral support to his four-one-year-old-son, Clarence, who was released from prison in the spring of 2014, after being convicted at a young age.

Ralph is a Vietname Veteran.

For more information: www.lifetransition.com

Christine Sotmary

Christine Sotmary has been profoundly influenced by the experiences that Family Caregivers share. As a teenager she still remembers the day that her overwhelmed grandmother told Christine’s mother that she no longer could take care of Christine’s grandfather. His behavior was more than she could handle and she informed Christine’s mom, the mother of four girls, that she was placing her in charge of the situation. After a wild weekend of phone calls Christine’s mother was able to place him in a mental hospital for safe keeping. This was the late 1960’s and no one was talking much about Alzheimer’s. Fast forward 30 years and after watching in horror as her sister took care of her husband’s mom who not only had dementia but was addicted to pain killers the role of Caregiver struck even closer to home. Christine’s husband of 20 years started showing signs of Alzheimer’s disease and she became his primary Caregiver for the next 8 years. And then only two years into her journey she learned that her father also had dementia. She shared her journey with her mom who was her dad’s primary Caregiver. They shared experiences of everything from helping their loved ones get dressed in the morning to the craziness of “sundowning” later in the day. They shared hospice and finally the loss of their men within six months of each other. Because she is a Life Coach and an Acupuncturist she has helped many of her clients as they cared for frail or sickly parents, partners with cancer and children with all sorts of special needs.  In the last four years her comfort with others who have taken on the role of Caregiver has extended out into the community. With the support of the Hudson Valley Hospital Foundation and now Elderserve she has created hundreds of programs all over Westchester, NY to help Caregivers cope, get the information they need to make their lives easier and give them the break they need to laugh, watch a movie or share a meal with other Caregivers. She has created www.caregiveraccess.org to give Family Caregivers in Westchester the resources and information they need. With the help of the organizations she belongs to such as Livable Communities, The Alzheimer’s Leadership Committee, Westchester County’s Caregiver Collaborative and NYSigN which brings together people of all ages to learn from and care for each other she has helped improve the quality of life for Family Caregivers and those they are caring for in Westchester. Christine’s first book is a memoir called Living on the Verge of Insanity and details the 8 years that she cared for her husband. Her second book When the Voiceless Sing shares stories from the 22 Caregivers she has interviewed that explores the rich terrain that is Caregiving.

MARGIE PictureThreeFinalMarjorie Tyler (C), Joann Sjolander (L), and Margaret Ballonoff (R) One With God, Books 1 through 5, gives an intimate and candid portrait of three women, who were determined to hear the Voice of the Holy Spirit as promised in A Course in Miracles. Now they do. As a practice of forgiveness, they have taken back layers of ego projections, and thus experience the constancy and love of Spirit in every aspect of their lives. Through dictations, the Holy Spirit offers a gentle progression of awakening from the dream of separation. One With God demonstrates His direct and personal guidance, which is available to all who ask.  Please visit their website at www.OneWithGod.com

Marjorie, Joann and Margaret are the authors of One with God Book 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.

Judy Winkler

Judy Winkler After a successful corporate career, Judy Winkler went into the ministry. She has taught classes, workshops and counseled people for 30 years.  She currently teaches, coaches and answers requests to public speak. Judy’s greatest joy is witnessing students step into their magnificence. She loves providing tools to help people calm themselves, move through upsets, offering a different perspective, as she supports them toward their goals. Judy’s work with prisoners has been rewarding and fulfilling for her, but life-changing for prisoners.  Her books, Get Unstuck Live with Ease and 8 Steps to Freedom are instrument of change for every student who attends one of the prison courses she teaches: “Real Man Power” and “Get Unstuck, Live with Ease.” Her classes in prison prepare inmates for a new life after their release.  She offers tools to master their lives so they live more joyfully and productively. Judy’s desire is to have these books in the hands of every person including every prisoner in the U.S. because it changes lives.  It will change our prison system from a $135/day hotel with revolving doors to a place that houses a few unchangeable inmates. If you would like to buy books to donate to prisons, you will be part of a mighty cause. Use www.coachjudywinkler.com, “Books for Prisoners” page to order.  For questions E-mail: coachjudywinkler@gmail.com. To donate 8 Steps to Freedom books to a prisoner or a detention center near you, please contact the Public Information Office of the detention center receiving books to determine their requirements.  Then give us recipient’s exact name and complete address before placing an order.  Since each City, County, State and Federal Prison has specific requirements, we want to be sure your books will be received with ease.  Unit price for donation to prisoners is $8.88 including shipping and CA tax. Judy lives in San Diego, has 3 children and 3 grandchildren.  She is a ballroom dancer, artist, and calligrapher. She loves gardening, enjoys nature, reading, theater, ballet and spending time with her loved ones. Judy is the author of Get Unstuck: Live with Ease, and 8 Steps to Freedom: Answers to Life’s Toughest Questions.

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