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Congratulations to Karl J. Morgan. His fourth book of The Dave Brewsters Series: The Hive was given Honorable Mention in the General Fiction category at the 2013 Southern California Book Festival.

YEAH! I’m excited! While shopping at Barnes & Noble, in the self-help section, all of a sudden I saw eight copies of Judy Winkler’s book, 8 Steps to Freedom on the shelf. Judy, I’m so happy for you.

Judy’s vision is to have 8 Steps to Freedom + Answers to Life’s Toughest Questions in every prison throughout the United States. If you’d like to purchase (wholesale $8.88 each) copy of 8 Steps to Freedom and have it donated to a prison near you, or near Judy, please visit her website to make arrangements. 

Judy’s book is already in some of the prisons and she’s teaching classess to the prisoners, using the tools in her book. When you visit her website you’ll be able to read some of the positive results the prisoners have received from Judy’s work.  She is making a profound difference!





A BIG Congratulations to Karl Morgan. He told me, “I did not open the letter for a couple of days, presuming it to be junk mail from Barnes and Noble. When I did open it, I was stunned. I’ve been working so hard on my books and it has been difficult adjusting to this new phase of my life. When I read the letter, I felt that maybe this is what I should be doing, and perhaps my writing can make people happy or give them something to think about. It was a great day and I am still feeling the afterglow.”

Karl’s Dave Brewster Series (all four books – Showdown Over Neptune; The Second Predaxian War; The Hive and Tears of Gallia) will be available in the Barnes and Noble stores.  When I first started Sacred Life Publishers I never thought I’d consider publishing Sci-fi or Fantasy books. However, after reading Karl’s books and seeing the universal message of love, healing, and oneness woven throughout his stories I knew I had to invite him to join the Sacred Life Family.



YEAH! One of my authors, Lori Rubenstein, told me, “My dreams came true when I heard that Barnes and Noble will be selling my book, Forgiveness: Heal Your Past and Find the Peace You Deserve. I’m excited I’ll be able to walk into their store and physical see my book on their shelves.”

Lori I’m thrilled for you. I know the great stories within your book will bring healing and peace of mind to those who read it.



FANTASTIC! This is my first Sacred Life authors, who has her book available in Barnes and Noble stores. Christina Lufkin, says, "I feel honored, encouraged, and inspired because my book will be for sale in Barnes and Noble stores. It is my desire that it will educate and change the view about what hospice has to offer." Great job Christina. I am so happy for you, and I know your book will make a profound difference.