“In Petra Gerda Paul’s book, Letters to My Immortal Beloved, nothing can fully describe the pain and the loss suffered by a person who is taking care of a loved one who has succumbed to the awful ravages of Alzheimer’s. Yet there is a way to mitigate that pain, through a rich and deep understanding of the disease itself.

“One can acquire such an understanding from clinical reports and academic treaties on the subject–but no one can explain it quite like someone who has lived with the disease and watched it affect a dearly loved other.

“Petra is such a person–and she found a remarkable way to heal herself from the trauma of taking care of her beloved husband through years of his struggle with this disease. Bravely looking at all of her experiences, she has created this account, which may give new understanding–and therefore an easier path–for other Alzheimer’s caregivers.,

“I am grateful to Petra for her contribution to a field where clarification and more experiential insights are badly needed.” ~ Neale Donald Walsch, author of Conversations with God