8 Steps to Freedom + Answers to Life’s Toughest Questions — by Judy Winkler


Whether physically or mentally imprisoned, peace of mind is at your fingertips. Self-mastery, self-awareness, and self-control are by-products of practicing the steps in this book. The 8 Steps to Freedom will evoke your hidden power as well as freedom.

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Astonishing shifts in the mind are quickly cultivated so your in-prison (mind or body) experiences become peaceful. In some cases, Judy Winkler's inmate students received early releases because of behavioral changes. These positive changes carry over to permanent and effective relationships and assimilation back into society. This book is filled with answers to life's toughest questions, some you probably have asked yourself. Unanswered questions perpetuate mental chaos. Answered questions offer a new point of view as well as they put questions to rest, bringing peace of mind. The author's goal is to help you lead a free, productive, peaceful, and joyful life. Applying the tools in this book is your ticket to freedom.


“If you want to change your life for the better, this book presents the tools you need. Judy Winkler presents a compilation of the best ancient and modern techniques or training yourself to focus on what you want to create and release the rest.  Get this book. Dig in and watch your blessings unfold.” ~ Rev Blair Tabor, Minister, Unity San Diego and Song Writer

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“I have experienced the impact that Ms. Winkler brings to the prisoners.  She has demonstrated compassion and expertise in her "Getting Unstuck" course and her tools from 8 Steps to Freedom at Navy Consolidated Brig Miramar.  The tools and techniques taught in her books has had a tremendous impact on our prisoner’s rehabilitation and prepares him or her for return to civilian life as a productive citizen.  Ms. Winkler is a vital asset.”  ~ Gregory Coates, Lt, CHC, USN


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