Mustang Man: How a Wild Horse Tamed a Vietnam Vet (DVD Documentary) — Produced by Monica Hagen and Sharon Lund


Share this Vietnam veteran’s journey of turning his life of hate and anger into joy and peace as he discovers God’s word and hears the calling to adopt a wild horse. See the first tentative steps as Dale walks the path of fulfilling his lifelong dream of taming a wild mustang. Follow him through the uncertain adoption process, ups and downs of training using intuition and love as his guides, and his joy of ultimately riding the horse of his dreams, living the life in the saddle he always craved.


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Product Description

Dale Harker’s doctor told him he had between 18 months to 7 years to live. Suffering from metastatic prostate cancer due to exposure to Agent Orange during his tour of duty in Vietnam, he shares what life in the jungle was really like, the months of no sleep, the frustrating mix of non-uniformed Viet Cong infiltrating innocent villagers, and his hate and anger at how the Viet Cong hurt innocent Vietnamese.

Returning to an environment in 1969 that was hostile to the military, he felt like an outcast, out of place in his own country. After running the gauntlet of anti-war San Francisco Airport, he felt as if he wanted to return to the Asian jungle—at least he understood what he was dealing with there. Though he returned to a loving wife and young child, his past haunted him through horrific nightmares, bursts of rage when he was startled by someone’s touch, and his terrifying reaction when his young daughter woke him up in the middle of the night.

This decorated veteran shares how the experiences of a soldier are similar to those of wild horses, and how war prepared him to be a better trainer and teacher. Ultimately, he finds redemption in nature and his beloved horse, learning patience, love, and self acceptance as he finally tells his story and encourages other veterans to do the same.

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