Bless Me Father For They Have Sinned — By Father Paul Roberts




“Father Paul Roberts’ story resonates with the reader on a core level. It doesn't matter if you are Catholic, Buddhist, or atheist, his story will speak to you about the myriad joys and sorrows which weave through the fabric of our humanity in this shared experience we call life. It is the voice of one man speaking from the heart which has the power to touch and impact all of our hearts on a deeply personal level.” ~ Stephen and Ondrea Levine, authors of Becoming Kuan Yin: The Evolution of Compassion

“Bless Me Father For They Have Sinned is a must read for anyone who wants to catch a more intimate look at the infrastructure of the Catholic Church. With his memoir, Father Paul Roberts offers us a historically relevant, yet compassionate andhumorous, account of the inner workings of the oldest corporation in the world.

“This memoir introduces us to a man’s life journey, from childhood, through the preparations for the seminary, the pitfalls on the spiritual path, to his maturation and commitment to entering the ancient order of priests.

“Bless Me Father For They Have Sinned does not shy away from the day-to-day encounters with sensual temptations, boundary violations, and alcohol abuse. The reader has a ringside seat as these men and women grapple with mental health issues, struggle with questioning power structures, instigate changes to training and rehabilitation protocols, and try to bring their venerable church into alignment with a contemporary modus operandi.” ~ Ralph Steele, M.A., author of Tending the Fire: Through War and the Path of Meditation


“An exciting journey into life in the Roman Catholic Church, a remarkable account of details and events. A wonderful book full of insight into the inner workings of the church. The author obviously has a broad and deep understanding of what makes people (and organizations) work, or not, as the case may be.” ~ L.R. Sheridan, author of Eyes of a Sociopath


“Thank you for giving me this opportunity to write about a book which I believe is a gift to the world. I alsoleftmy religion with no bitterness, as Father Paul seems to have done. I can relate to his story–I believe him. Instead of being judgmental–he is simply stating the facts. I am confident this will come across to Catholics and non- Catholics alike.” ~ Mary Myers

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