Get Unstuck: Live with Ease — by Judy Winkler


Simple 5-minute steps to change your life. Solutions to more than 75 topics where you feel stuck, including stress, finances, relationships and health.


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Are you stressed, confused, worried, resentful, feeling limited or unlovable? Has anyone or anything kept you from being your authentic self? If you want to feel empowered, loved, have peace of mind and live your best life, then reading and applying the steps in Get Unstuck Live with Ease is for you. Simple 5 minute steps to change your life. You will learn to shift your focus so your circumstances change. Your focus sets into motion a change that is both waiting to emerge and draws to you that which you desire. There are more than 75 topics within this book, which can stir your own divinity and generate inner peace, self-expression, and empowerment. For decades, author Judy Winkler felt unlovable. She experienced abuse, neglect, fear, and self-doubt. As she faced inner dragons and demons (old memories and feelings), she learned how to move through obstacles. The techniques in this book are a compilation of the techniques that she used to live with ease and now uses with her clients. Judy is a respected teacher, public speaker, counselor, and coach with more than 25 years experience.


“This handbook is a practical, step-by-step, easy to use transformational tool. Judy Winkler’s turn-around thinking brings freedom and hope to those who struggle and feel stuck.” ~ Dr. Kathy Hearn, Community Spiritual Leader, United Centers for Spiritual Living

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