Near Miss – By Bobby Lee Martinez


Near Miss is a story of loyalty, connection, self-discovery, and determination in living an authentic spirituality.

Surviving the near miss of Asteroid 1996 JA-1, Adan and Sombra, his faithful dog, have been taking shelter in the local mall in Santa Fe, New Mexico. They have lived through earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, reverse magnetic polar shifting, the fall of societal institutions and mutant phenomena resulting in an evolutionary leap in Sombra’s consciousness and Adan’s ability to travel into his past as an observer. This awakens memories of UFO visitations, being taken by extraterrestrials on multiple occasions; complex communication and intimate relationships with extraterrestrials and culminates in opposing groups of extraterrestrials fighting for control as Adan and Sombra discover their role in the founding of a new earth civilization.

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