The Dave Brewster Series: The Second Predaxian War — by Karl J. Morgan (Book 2)


The Second Predaxian War is a tale of friendship and courage in the face of incredible danger. It is a story about keeping hope and love alive when things are at their worst.

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Product Description

Follow the adventures of Dave Brewster and his friends in the sequel of Showdown Over Neptune. The Predaxian Alliance, led by Emperor Zendo, has invaded Greater Gallia in their drive to enslave the galaxy. The first invasion attempt was pushed back, but not before many brave soldiers were taken prisoners or killed. Now the Predaxians are coming back with their entire fleet, heavily outgunning the forces of Gallia, Kalidus and Earth. The Second Predaxian War begins at a time of apparent turmoil in the Alliance, as a rising tide of dissent is turning public opinion against the Emperor, who has imprisoned his own son for opposing his imperalistic ways.

Can those Predaxians be counted on to help bring down the Emperor, or is this simply a lure into a trap?


"Beyond 'boy meets girl' is 'man meets world' in book two of the Dave Brewster Series. If you can predict how a romance novel ends, solve a mystery by the second chapter, guess the plot of the current best-seller, you're in for a surprise! You will have no idea what is going to happen next in The Second Predaxian War. There is, however, one thing predictable right away: images which have never entered the imagination before. You might expect the typical scary battles which have been portrayed ad nauseam in movies, but the surprise in this book is the beauty of the places and the friendship of people which have, so far, only been described by those on our very own Earth who have travelled to the gates of Heaven and lived to tell about it. The joy of science fiction is an adventure so different that brand new words have to be invented to describe what is happening in the vast universe in which Dave Brewster finds himself; albeit still reveling in his Earth-delivered Starbucks coffee and chocolate croissant, lovingly presented to him by his crew.

"Here's why this series of galactic conflict works: Some authors use flowery rhetoric (because they can), and it's okay to flaunt it (sometimes it works); but in this book, as well as the first one in the series (Showdown Over Neptune), it is such an enormous relief to just keep on reading without the extra cutesy words becoming an interruption to the story line. Instead, off-the-chart creativity is used to describe the heart of a woman, animal-like people, hybrid planets, and global non-corrupted intelligence networks, all resulting in people coming together. There's something about peaceful resolution in a free-will universe that can be remembered long after the story is finished. It's almost like a self-help book in disguise, but macho approved. You'll love it!" ~ Mary Meyers

"Book two of The Dave Brewster Series picks up right where the first left off. The crazy spider-like overlords of the Predaxian Alliance are invading and the good guys must find a way to stop them and recover their prisoners-of-war. Unlike Showdown Over Neptune, this book is action-packed with space battles and hand-to-hand combat.

"Since Dave is not a soldier, he and his friends venture into space again and find the trail of another species which has developed a device called a Hive. This whole concept is outrageous, and it gives them seemingly unlimited power to travel through space and time. The idea that we can leave our bodies behind and witness other galaxies or even our own past is mind-boggling. They work to get their new allies to stop the invasion (in an amazing series of battles) and bring peace to the galaxy again." ~ Hector Parra



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