Two Doors – Book One of the Modern Prophet Series — By Karl J. Morgan


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Fresh out of college, Pete Smith is full of hope as he moves to New York City to start a career and build his future far from his hometown in Iowa. An encounter with a thief on the subway into Manhattan will change his life forever and draw the full attention of two powerful families.

While Pete has been plagued with lucid and terrifying dreams for years, those dreams are now starting to come true. But why are the Prospect and Satori organizations interested in the dreams of a young man? Both families seem desperate to control him at any price in order to keep him from their competitors, but why?

Knowing the future threatens to upset the balance between good and evil that has existed since the beginning of time, and is causing violence to explode and the world to descend into anarchy, terrorism, and war. In order to save his life and the world, Pete Smith will have to take every step carefully. He must look into the face of death over and again, and make his choices. Which door will he choose?

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