KMorgan-cA BIG Congratulations to Karl Morgan. He told me, “I did not open the letter for a couple of days, presuming it to be junk mail from Barnes and Noble. When I did open it, I was stunned. I’ve been working so hard on my books and it has been difficult adjusting to this new phase of my life. When I read the letter, I felt that maybe this is what I should be doing, and perhaps my writing can make people happy or give them something to think about. It was a great day and I am still feeling the afterglow.”

Karl’s Dave Brewster Series (all four books – Showdown Over Neptune; The Second Predaxian War; The Hive and Tears of Gallia) will be available in the Barnes and Noble stores.  When I first started Sacred Life Publishers I never thought I’d consider publishing Sci-fi or Fantasy books. However, after reading Karl’s books and seeing the universal message of love, healing, and oneness woven throughout his stories I knew I had to invite him to join the Sacred Life Family.


Karl's Poster


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